The intelligent solution for the production of open-pored PUR foam by Reticulatus GmbH manufactured in Europe


With our machines you are able to reticulate blocks and rolls made of polyether and polyester foam with a pore structure between 10 and 100 ppi in all colours and densities.



Reticulation is a process in which the fine membranes in the PU foam are destroyed by a controlled explosion. This process produces the required open cell structure of the foam.



Typical applications for reticulated foam:
Ceramic filter for metal casting, air/water filter, active carbon filter, outdoor seat cushion, mattresses, cleaning/polishing sponge, gutter foam, batteries blood dialysis filter

Contract Reticulation

Since 2022 we have installed our INNO-LAB in
31711 Luhden/Germany. Our customers are using this for R&D and contract reticulation for blocks.

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About Us

Reticulatus GmbH was founded in 1996 by Jörn Struckmann and Axel Schulz. This joint venture is the result of cooperation between ATL Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH and SCHUBS GmbH.

Both specialists developed and produced the Reticulatus reticulation machine. Since its foundation, more than 45 reticulation machines have been delivered worldwide and are still in operation.